Train With God - Live With God 

 8.5" X 11" softcover  Matt Violassi


- To help us be "all we can be" for God.


- To help us and others "get to heaven well."


- To help us please God. 


- My solution/attempt to halt the inordinate number of divorces, people falling-away from God, lack of vision, depression & anxiety, youth apathy, carnality, and needless self-inflicted personal pain and destruction - in the Body of Christ today.


- Want to change the world for the better, especially in these raging, political landscapes?  Help people get-up everyday and serve God, as top-priority, with their whole hearts, souls, minds, and strength - as we should be doing. Then we all will change dramatically. Huge changes will happen in our hearts, minds, souls - and character, when we learn to "Find God" and His find His Biblical commandments ... then let Him comment on our lives and actions ...We then make the changes we need to make - through the power He gives us we believe in Him. 


This is the only true way I know-of effectively changing men, women, and children - from the inside-out. 


But we need to be doing this first ourselves ...Then, one person at a time ...


This book is worth a billion dollars to me.  I train with it everyday.


 Version 89

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