"Train With God - Live With God" Paperback

  Large 8.5" X 11" Textbook.  132 pages.



- To help us be "all we can be" for God


- To help us and others "get to heaven well"


- To help us please God 


- My solution/attempt to halt the inordinate number of divorces, people falling-away from God, lack of vision, depression & anxiety, youth apathy, carnality, and needless self-inflicted personal pain and destruction - in the Body of Christ today.


- Want to change the world for the better, especially in these raging, political landscapes?  Help people get-up everyday and serve God, as top-priority, with their whole hearts, souls, minds, and strength - like we should be doing. Then they will change dramatically.  But we need to be doing this first ourselves . . . Then, one person at a time . . . 







"Training Gallery"

Art of Matt Violassi  Paperback

Large 8.5" X 11" Softcover.  247 pages.



- A Spiritual Art Training Gallery