NEW STUFF 1 . . . 

We can all try to do things for God that we think He would like.  However, He has certain things in mind - as priority for each one of us individually each day - that He would like us to do, change, or believe.  The most powerful and profound thing we could today on earth - is to find-out what these things are - and do them, TODAY.  Then we find out God's will TOMORROW - and do it. We put His interests first and as priority.  He likes this and appreciates this over anything we might "cook-up." 


Jesus said, "My food is to do the will of My Father, and accomplish His work." 


The Bible also says, "To obey is better than sacrifice."


Jesus said, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord - and not do what I command?"


Who are the people or groups you believe are despicable, and you borderline-hate or do hate?


Hillary Clinton?  George Bush?  Barack Obama?

Donald Trump? Joe Biden?  Kamala Harris? Nancy Pelosi?  Mitch McConnell?

Republicans? Conservatives? Right-Wingers?

Democrats? Left-Wingers?


Whites?  Blacks?

Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Christians?

Hackers, Internet Thieves?

Politicians and Political Leaders?

Police and Law Enforcement?

Environmentalists? Socialists? Communists? Radical Islamists?

Loud, unruly, uncaring neighbors?

Unteachable, ignorant, insolent, close-minded people?


God is trying to get them to Seek Him, Know Him, Love Him, and Serve Him.


Are we on His side, truly trying to do the same thing?


Litmus Test:  Are you ready to invite them over for dinner?  Or how about inviting them to your house of worship or church?



It is easy to look good to everyone outside the home and hide who we really are - and how we truly treat people . . . Who we are at home is who we really are.

How we treat others in the home - is how we really would treat others outside the home.

May we always watch our lives the most - while at home and when we are home...a good test and reflection of our true character. 

When we are in perplexities and uncertainties about the way we should go or the way we should think about something:


When we are wanting to find and know the Truth about anything:


When we are wanting true purpose, true deep joy, true deep contentment, true deep peace - each and every day:

     HE is THEE LIFE.

Declaring War to always be found in this state - no matter what happens . . .

Declaring War to do this at all times - no matter what . . . 

He wants us to come boldly and with confidence before Him as He sits on His throne -  FOR HELP IN TIME OF NEED:



Not only to just come before Him - CLING TO HIM.  Hug Him - so to speak - along with staying close to Him all the time, all day long, every day:


If God commands us to not only come to Him - but "hug" Him closely, so to speak - as a general lifestyle - then we should throw-off any shame or feelings of unworthiness - and hug Him in the spirit-realm whenever we think of it - and keep conversing to Him and with Him . . . 



We DO need to be doing all 6 of these, and hold the confession and testimony

that we are doing them every day:



Just like Jesus did, we need to be telling the devil what we are doing - what we are "all about " . . . What our life is "all about" . . . We are all about loving the Lord, and serving Him only . . .  




A Great Evangelistic and (true) Greeting Response:


When someone asks us "So, what have you been up to?"




"What's going on with you?


Response:  "I just get-up and Love God and Serve Him every day" . . . 


This is a profound and eternal thing to be doing every day, and to being able to confess each day. Most Christians do not seem to be able to make this daily confession . . .       336-262-1005