A Simple Daily Lifestyle That Accomplishes Almost All:


What kind of righteous people are we trying to be - and trying to make?  

We all know people whom we would love to change!

What is the most effective method for deep heart change?

This easily applies to solving World Problems. People Problems.



                                                    Doing the above accomplishes almost all:


                                             Obviously Solving Most People-Problems  & World-Problems



-  We will have to get up and re-instill in ourselves our over-riding goal and purpose for the day - Serving God. 

If we don’t tell ourselves what we are actually doing each day – we probably won't be serving God that day. . . Doing His

will. . . . Obeying Him . . . Finding out what is pleasing to Him.


-  We will also have to "make connection" with God and talk to God, committing to Him what we are doing this day – what we are “all about” each day. There is accountability to God established each day that we are serving Him.


-  We are going to have to bring to mind all the things He has taught us in the past – all the things we know we should be doing . . . plus anything new.  We should document these things for review - and often review them.


- If we are going to rise each day and serve God – this “signing-in” with God will have to be done sometime early in the day .. . . not after the day is spent.


- To have to check-in with God to see if there are any new things we need to be doing this day – we are going to have to Seek Him, Find Him,  being open to hear and learn and receive new instruction from Him.


- Most professing Christians I meet cannot confess with their mouth that they get up and Serve God every day.

 Even in the Old Testament, Serving God was one of 6 things every God-Believer was to be doing and confess they were doing:





Through the grace and power of God, and through Him only -  we do and obeall these 6 things.



We need to go through these 6 things (preferably daily) - and do business with God concerning them.  We need to ask ourselves, "Am I actually doing these?" . . . The conversation with God continues . . . 


Our souls need to wrestle . . . perhaps repent . . . ask for help . . . ask for the infilling of His Holy Spirit daily . . .


                                                                   Jesus said, "Apart from Me - you can do nothing."



Why Would Anyone Want To Love and Serve God Everyday - Anyway?


1.  Because it pleases God.

2. Because we will get to go to heaven when we die.

3.  Because we will be happier in this lifetime - God's peace & joy rest on those that love and serve God. It does not rest upon that don't love and serve God.


It is just smart to love and serve God.​